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The definitive taste of India

The Desi Hype is an exclusive Indian Restaurant & Bar in the Heart of Harrow offering contemporary Indian cuisine, fine wines, beers, spirits, cocktails and mocktails. Not only is there passion and zeal in the chef’s preparation and presentation of every dish, but our seasoned buyers use an expert eye to select only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Diversity in Everything

At Desi Hype, you'll admire the diversity of classic Indian delicacies. You will get to taste some exciting Indian curries, flavorsome dishes, and try the best Indian sweets in Harrow.

Raise a Toast

All the delicious food will be served with quality drinks be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Not just the best Indian food restaurant, The Desi Hype is also the best Cocktail Bar in Harrow.

The Delicious bites

We cook food without losing the nutritious value of the ingredients while enriching the taste aided after using masalas and spices. Salads and Pickles straight from India stimulate taste buds when offered with the main dish as an appetizer.


The Ethos


The taste of authentic India

Desi Hype stands heads and shoulders above other Indian restaurants when it comes to the quality, cleanliness, service, and unique flavours of our cuisine. The culinary flair of our chefs, our expertise, and the pleasant hospitality of our staff are what make Desi Hype a popular and delightful restaurant, where you can experience a wonderfully diverse exotic Indian cuisine.