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The Irresistible Suite of Indian Desserts!


The Irresistible Suite of Indian Desserts In India, the land that never ceases to flabbergast you with its assorted culture, antique structures, and incredible architecture, beckons you to experience something further — lip-smacking, palatable cuisine indigenous to different regions.

Unquestionably Indians boast of a sweet tooth and they have a limitless accumulation of sweet dishes, which they serve to their guests. 

We pass on to you some different and popular Indian desserts that categorically are alluring. Come; let’s dive into the ravishing, mouth-watering, and captivating ocean of Indian Sweets.


Cherished by all, this customary Bengali sweet Rasgulla has supple and spongy balls prepared of fresh paneer and plunged in sugar syrup. You just cannot resist having more than one!

If there has to be one sweet dish that is a true ‘game changer’ of the approach sweets are recognized and munched in India, it has to be the succulent rasgulla – or how well-known British chef William Harold illustrated it in a journal – “a bowl of sweet, syrupy, soft cheese balls.”


A luscious blend of cashew nut and milk, garnished by silver leaf, customarily served at festivals like Diwali and other unique occasions. A fuss-free, effortless and undemanding barfi recipe with a handful of ingredients, you can make this at home and dish up for your guests post a full meal at dinner parties.

This one’s a childhood much loved by many! Barfi prepared with cashew nuts and milk, garnished with silver ‘varq’. Generally swapped as a sweet gift on special occasions.


Possibly the most admired dessert in India, gulab jamun is marvelously sweet and sticky, and wickedly alluring! These supple spongy balls are prepared from a dough of flour and milk powder (or condensed milk), fried and drenched in sugar syrup. They’re generally savored with cardamon and rose, which gives origin to their name, connoting “rose berry” in Hindi. The soft sweet melts flawlessly into your mouth as soon as you indulge it.


Kheer is most versatile as a dessert. An ultimate explosion of both sweet and spicy tastes in the mouth, the word “Kheer” simply fetches a smile to your face. Principally in India, Kheer is conceded as the sweet and propitious dish of god. Kheer is an expression of delight in India- be it any celebration, wedding, function, festival, or even a joyful moment- Kheer reclines in the heart of all Indians.

Kheer can be deemed as the ultimate dish prepared of milk that blends religious, nutritional, and dietary facets in the life of the people of India. It is unquestionably a blessing to the taste buds.


One of the most popular Indian desserts, ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ is known to have originated in Punjab, and is purely a delight during the winter months. Prepare this for extraordinary occasions as well as the wonderful dessert post regular dinner with the family for a cheerful aura in your home.

Savored by all, Gajar (carrot) ka Halwa is a delectable preparation that is perpetually found in every Indian gathering. A small portion of this sweet dish will do no justice to your yearning palette as it will keep requesting more until you overlook to count the calories!

  • Jalebi

Imagine a colorful orange jalebi, oh so yummy! It’s basically deep-fried coils of dough prepared from refined flour and infused in saffron sugar syrup.  There’s no doubt that Indians are passionately obsessed with the jalebi. 

A sweet that melts in your mouth almost like cotton candy, jalebi is the most promising Indian Desserts of all occasions; 

Got a craving already? We’re sure of it!

We all have a penchant for sweets, no doubt. And when we talk of sweets, Indian Desserts certainly make us go weak in the knees. They are a warm blanket on a cold winter evening. The icing on a cake and the climax to an utterly extravagant movie. There is no refuting the fact, that Indian desserts give a befitting end to any meal. 

So, don’t overthink! Visit Desi Hype and gorge on a bucket full of gulab jamuns or halwa