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Let’s Bust Some Myths About Indian Food!

Have you ever heard something and judged it right away without glancing at the facts? We all must have done that! But, the point is there may be some things that have been engraved in our memories and we are still not so certain whether they are accurate or just some random bogus information.

Well, considering food myths, India has its share of loads. In fact, Indian food is frequently misapprehended by the masses. 

So, we decided to let everyone know the actuality. Let’s bust a few Indian food myths for you today.

1. All Indian food is spicy

Yes, Indian food is known to be spicy (it has spices), but that doesn’t connote it’s “spicy hot.” Many Indian dishes are in fact mild, for instance, saag, or aloo gobi (a cauliflower and potato dish).

The heat in Indian cuisine is given by chilies (for instance cayenne peppers), which can be skipped in general or put in to turn up the heat. The heat doesn’t originate from cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, ginger, or any other spices found in common Indian dishes.

Hence, if you want to give Indian food a try, don’t be concerned about smoke coming out of your ears. Simply ask your server to skip the chilies — you’ll anyway get a lot of essence in the dish.

2. Indian cuisine is all curry

When someone wants to skip Indian food, they may say, “I don’t like curry.” Well, Indian food goes way away from just curry. And, you might be supposing, “What’s curry anyway?” Curry is a general term for an Indian dish that involves meat and/or vegetables cooked a spiced gravy or sauce. 

Many arrays of curries can be served in Indian restaurants. The meat might be a goat, poultry, fish, or even shellfish. The sauce is prepared with a combination of ground spices, mainly coriander, turmeric, cumin, and dried chili peppers. Supplementary spices are added to the blend to change aroma and intensity. Those dishes could be deemed “curries,” but they may in fact not contain curry. 

3. All Indian food is unhealthy

Yes, you may see a coating of grease on the top of your Indian takeout, but that doesn’t connote all customary Indian cuisine is unhealthful. Staple Indian foods for instance dal (lentils) and roti (wholemeal flatbreads) aren’t just delectable but also healthy.

Lentils are an immense source of protein and fiber. They are also affluent in vitamins and minerals. Roti in general is low in calories, high in fiber, and chock-full of vitamins and minerals. Hara bhara kabab (a crunchy vegetarian kabab), along with rajma and arhar dal (both made with beans) are all prosperous in fiber and nutrients and don’t have a lot of calories. 

On nearly all Indian restaurant menus, you’ll stumble on a number of healthy vegetarian dishes. Although you may hit upon some oily entrees, sweetened desserts, and high-calorie dishes, in general, Indian cuisine shouldn’t be mulled over as bad for you.

4. Cooking Indian food at home is complicated

Though, some Indian moms expend all day and night slaving over a hot stove and clay oven. But that doesn’t imply you have to do the same to cook scrumptious Indian cuisine. You can prepare Indian food at home exclusive of any hassle. 

Assemble some of the most common Indian spices (for instance chili powder, coriander, and turmeric) and you are almost there. If you want to dish up Indian food at a party or at home for your family, go for simple Indian kebabs. They just take 10 minutes to make and they are a luscious appetizer. 

If you can prepare regular white rice, you can cook basmati or jasmine rice. It takes just a bit longer to cook. For a key entree, you have a plethora of easy recipes to decide from.

Undeniably Authentic Indian cuisines are made from scratch and include an enormous assortment of fresh ingredients and fragrant spices. 

Traditional Indian cooks classically stick to the ancient Indian belief which articulates every meal should enclose six tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty, and astringent. Owing to this, Indian dishes attribute deep, complex essences, distinctive textures, and vibrant colors.

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