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Indian food is one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world because it’s so versatile. From creamy curries to spicy vindaloos, there are so many different kinds of dishes to choose from. But what makes Indian dishes stand out?

Well, for starters, Indian cuisine is known for using vibrant spices like turmeric and chili powders. This creates a taste that’s both incredibly flavorful and deeply warming at the same time – it’s one of those things that grows on you with every bite! It can also be great at reducing pain due to its ability to lower inflammation.

There’s a lot that’s unique about Indian cuisine, but what really defines it are the spices. What makes Indian food Indian is all the different mixes of spices used for flavor. The basic spice mix is called masala which includes cumin, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and chili powder.


Indian food is stuffed with veggies!

Secondly, Indian food is known for its use of vegetables. While it’s true that India has a very high meat consumption rate, the quantity of vegetables they eat far outweighs the amount of meat they consume. And with dishes like saag paneer and aloo gobi (potato cauliflower), you’ll see that it’s quite obvious why this is the case! Since there are so many different kinds of veggies in Indian cuisine, eating a healthy diet can be easy while still enjoying the great flavor, just like in Chinese and Thai cuisine.

And finally, Indian cuisine tends to lean more towards vegetarianism than most other types of cuisine. The reason for this is because many Indian Hindus follow a very strict vegetarian diet and only eat meat on certain days of the week! Thus, if you’re not a vegetarian and don’t want to be, there are lots of delicious options available.

Indian cuisine is more diverse than what you think

Different regions of India have different flavors with some regions preferring to use cardamom instead of cinnamon or cloves for flavor. 

Indian cuisine also includes many vegetarian dishes with some dishes being 100% vegetarian. Though many dishes contain meat, those that do are usually reserved for special occasions. Indian cuisine’s main meat is chicken which is used in some dishes. Fish and goat is also used to add flavor to some of the vegetarian dishes, but usually not as the dish itself.

Indian desserts are delightful!

Desserts are a mainstay of Indian cuisine, with many different varieties being enjoyed by both Rishis (Hindu gurus) and commoners alike. These desserts can be found almost everywhere from small mom-and-pop stores to high-end restaurants and five star hotels. Some areas will use more dry spices than wet ones like in Southern India which uses less water than other areas.

It’s believed that most of the spices that were used were originally introduced by traders. Spice trade, like the spice trail, is a part of history itself.

The first known spice trade occurred during the classical age and it was established during the Middle Ages. The spice trade was responsible for a lot of the exploration taking place in the Renaissance era and was even responsible for drawing people from across Europe to explore new regions and create contracts with local tribes.

The most significant aspect of this trade was due to an item known as cinnamon which came from Sri Lanka, Ceylon or Kiliwa as it is named on old maps. This was the first item that brought up the trade.

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